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Class News - Broadwood

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Broadwood site:

W/E 15/02/19 - Strawberries - Superstar:  Bella P

This week we have enjoyed talking and writing about our own Paper Dolls Stories.  We had lots of fun using our imagination to make up adventures!

We are looking forward to half term and starting our new topic.....Whoosh of we go!....
W/E 15/02/19 - 1OT - Superstar: Troy

We've had a great week involving Wonderful Wednesday, woodland exploring and fantastic activities organised by our Resilient Recyclers Party.

We will have a well earned rest over half term and are looking forward to our new topic based on the Gingerbread Man.

W/E 15/02/19 - 2M - Superstar: Izzy G

This week we have had a great time at Wonderful Wednesday.

Next week we are looking forward to a rest.

W/E 15/02/19 -  3N - Superstar: 

We had great fun making and painting our pop art sculptures.

We look forward to a restful half term.

W/E 15/02/19 - 4R - Superstar: Summer

We have enjoyed making our Aztec masks for our Aztec Day and are enjoying the children running the school today.

Next week we will enjoy half term and come back rested and ready to learn.

W/E 15/02/19 - 5O - Superstar:  Nicole

This week it was lovely to see so many parents sharing golden time at Wonderful Wednesday.

Next week we are looking forward to half term.

W/E 15/02/19 - 6E - Superstar: Charlie

We have loved finishing off our non-chronological reports on the rainforest.

Next week we are looking forward to half term!