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Class News - Broadwood

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Broadwood site:

W/E 11/10/19 - Strawberries - Superstar: Jonny


This week we have enjoyed learning about our bodies including skeletons and organs.


Next week we will be learning about our senses.  We will be tasting food as part of our learning.



W/E 11/10/19 - 1OT - Superstar: Tommy


We've seen resilience with our Maths learning, where we have been finding the missing part in addition.  We've used a numberline to deepen our thinking for this.


We will be completing our art product using the skill of printing and blending colours.


W/E 11/10/19 - 2M - Superstar: Daisy


This week we really enjoyed thinking about 'peas' watching the yr 3 assembly.


Next week we are looking forward to writing pumpkin soup.



W/E 11/10/19- 3M- Superstar: Jessica


We have had our Harvest class assembly, performing to parents/carers and KS2.


With our class assembly finished, we will be beginning an exciting art project, whilst continuing to learn about our local history.






W/E 11/10/19 - 4O - Superstar: Joel


We have really enjoyed the yr 3 Harvest assembly.  Thank you for your donations.


Next week we are looking forward to writing out our stories inspired by 'The Iron Man'.





W/E 11/10/19 - 5TR - Superstar:  Josh


We have been writing stories for the younger children at Snapdragons.


We are looking forward to sharing our stories at the Town Hall Corsham.



W/E 11/10/19- 6HP- Superstar: Megan


We have really enjoyed creating our Greek salads as part of our DT topic.  We worked really well in our groups.


In Science we will be looking at fossils as part of evolution and inheritance.