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Class News - Broadwood

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Broadwood site:

Strawberries - w/e 20.11.20 - Superstar: Annabel
This week we have been learning the story of Snow White and exploring positive and negative characters as well as talking about stories having a beginning, middle and end.  We have also been showing our understanding of numbers in maths, by representing numbers using objects.
Next week we will be looking at poetry and learning a winter poem.  We will also be creating lots of winter artwork.  Ware also looking forward to No Pen Day on Wednesday!

Years 1 and 2 - w/e 20.11.20 -  Superstars - Thea, Annie and Logan

This week we had a great time using chime bars to feel the beat of the song,  We have also been reading a book called The Dot and investigating dot making.
Next week we are looking forward to some more dot art and more writing of The Little Red Riding Hood.

Years 3 and 4 - w/e 20.11.20 - Superstars: Ellie, Devin and Jacob
This week we have been busy finding out more about our enquiry topic - How can we find out about people from the past?  We have researched William Henry Fox Talbot and designed a poster showing all of the information we found out.  We were fantastic historians.  We have also been developing our gymnastic skills and have tried out lots of different roles.
Next week we are looking forward to reading some more of our book, "The Incredible Book Eating Boy" and adding to our brilliant sentence stacks in the classrooms.  We will also be completing some more learning on addition before moving on to subtraction later in the week.  On Wednesday, it's No Pens Day so we will be doing lots of learning without using our pens!

Years 5 and 6 - w/e 20.11.20 -  Superstars - Isla, Kyrah and Aaliyah

This week we have been creating timelines on the Victorians as part of our enquiry.  As philosophers, we have been discussing anti-bullying week and thinking about different scenarios and how we would deal with them.  In computing, we have been looking at the importance of having secure passwords.
Next week we have No Pens Day; we will be thinking of creative ways of learning which don't require us to write!