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Class News - Broadwood

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Broadwood site:

W/E 14/06/19 - Strawberries - Superstar:  Daulton

This week we have enjoyed learning about sea creatures and imagined we were going snorkelling!
Next week we are learning the story of Tiddler the story telling fish and writing our own stories.

W/E 14/06/19 - 1OT - Superstar:  Oliver

We have enjoyed doing our hockey activity for Sports day as well as our geography learning on physical and human features and creating our own maps of an island.

We are really looking forward to our sports morning on Tuesday!

W/E 14/06/19 - 2M - Superstar: Bailey


This week we've had a great time designing and making Scottish shortbread.

Next week we are looking forward to some sunshine for sports morning.

W/E 14/06/19 - 
 3N - Superstar:  Miss McLellan

We have had a busy week visiting the library and making our stone age shelters.


We are looking forward to sports morning next week.

W/E 14/06/19 - 4R - Superstar: Edward N


We had a fantastic time at the Library choosing books to read and our trip to watch David Baddiel.


We will be starting to look at poetry next week.


W/E 14/06/19 - 5O - Superstar:  Tom


What a week!  We loved getting new books from the wonderful Springfield.  Then enjoying 'The Day I Fell Into a Book' at Pound Arts.

We are looking forward to environmental art in the lovely June weather.

W/E 14/06/19- 6E- Superstar:  Ruby

We have been finding out who we are in the production!

Next week we are starting rehearsals!