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Letters Sent Home 

If your letter has gone astray, or has been eaten by your child's bag on the way home, download yourself a new one by clicking on the links below:

Letter to parents Year 3
Parent talk letter 2017 BW 1B and 2M Parent talk letter 2017 PP 1CO, 1A, 2T and 2W Year 6 assembly
Letter for FS, Yrs 1, 2 and 3 at Pound Pill - Book Banding
Car Parking Scheme in Corsham
Year 6 dates reminder letter
Meet your child's new teacher
Year 2T - Rearranged Summer Open Evening 2017
Letter for Year 2 - We are getting ready for Year 3
Yrs 1, 2 and 3 School Games Morning Cancellation
1A 1S 1T 2A 2W 2T Picnic
Foundation Stage Picnic
Year 6 Production Arrangements
Apples, Pears and Strawberries - Getting ready for Year 1
Years 1, 2, 3 School Games Morning - rescheduled
ear 2 - Minibeast Mayhem cancellation letter

Forthcoming Year 6 Events PTA - Pig and Jig help letter
Year 1 - Lighthouse day letter
Year 2 Letter bring teddies from home
Year 5 - Liddington Letter And Forms
Year 3 Visit to Stonehenge
Yr 1 to 2 transition
School Games letter
Glastonbury Abbey 2017 Letter
Glastonbury Abbey 2017 Consent-Medical form 5G
Glastonbury Abbey 2017 Consent-Medical form 5T
PTA Summer Fayre Colouring Competition
Indhu Rani Day KS1
Indhu Rani Day KS2
Speak Out. Stay Safe
Minibeast Mayhem letter
Pound Pill Art project
Letter to parents and carers about the SAT to MAT consultation
Year 1 Final arrangements Farleigh Hungerford letter
School Budget Cuts
Healthcare letter
SATS BBQ reminder
KS2 Health Education
Cancelled Appointments
The Daily Mile
Hoodies for next Year 6 pupils
Online Safety