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April 02, 2019

Mrs Fry's April Blog

It’s early April and nearly the end of another busy term at Corsham Primary.  The sun is shining, heralding spring time and longer, warmer days.  Being outside more has enabled our children to focus on their environment and we were incredibly proud of our Eco-Councillors when they recently embarked on a campaign to improve our local environment by organising a litter picking event at the Springfield Campus.  Such was their enthusiasm they also persuaded children in Queen’s Crescent School, Chippenham to do the same for their neighbourhood!  The afternoon was enjoyed by all and demonstrated how lots of enthusiasm coupled with teamwork can make a positive change.

Our choir showed their skills and talents at the Corsham Cluster ‘Peace’ themed Singing Festival.   Pound Pill and Broadwood singers performed Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’ to a packed audience at the Corsham School, alongside choirs from all of the Corsham Cluster of Primary Schools. It was a truly touching and memorable event that modelled togetherness and teamwork, whilst celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of each school.

As we welcome the new season we are reminded that this time of year brings the symbol of new beginnings and new life in the form of Easter.  At Corsham Primary we will celebrate in style with our customary annual bonnet parade and by using artistic skills to decorate eggs.  It is a time to celebrate all we have achieved in a busy term and the potential we all have to move forward and grow.