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July 21, 2017

It is the start of the holiday and Corsham Primary feels very empty and quiet without the children!


As I reflect on a very busy school year my mind is drawn to our pupils in year six as they move onto their new secondary schools. The majority of pupils we have known for over seven years, during this period we have watched them grow and develop into lovely young people who have bright futures ahead of them. We shall miss our year six pupils; we have built strong relationships with them all and have valued their efforts and contribution to school life.


The rest of our pupils are more than ready for the rest and break before they move up to their new classes. With so many summer events to look back on and enjoy, staff have been delighted with the positive and fun-loving way they have approached all aspects of school life.


Staff are also ready for a break. I would like to thank each and every one of them for everything they do for the children and Corsham Primary. A school is only as good as its team and in our case we have the best! 


This year we are facing changes within the staff team; we have new babies on the way and staff leaving for new adventures.  In September, we will be welcoming new people to the team, they in turn will bring with them new ideas, strengths and determination which we will embrace and the school will move on and go from strength to strength.


To all our friends and families I wish you all a peaceful and restful holiday. We look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Wednesday 6 September.


July 04, 2017

What a wonderful evening we shared the other week at our annual Music Evening. It was very rewarding for parents and music teachers to see so many children on the stage playing their musical instruments and singing with such confidence. We enjoyed musical renditions on the piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, guitar and ukuleles.  The choir sang songs and we even had singing duets. Thanks go to the teachers, children and of course parents and carers for supporting the children in their dreams to become musicians.


We have also had sporting talent on display at our recent School Game mornings.  Children were competing in a range of different sporting events from across the international sporting calendar but, as always, with a slight twist: the 100 metres Sprint, Javelin, Tennis, Show Jumping, Trampoline and Rugby.  The children entertained us with their skills and impressed us with their resilience and sportsmanship.


Corsham Primary is full of children with real talent and we still have not had our Year 6 production and annual School Council Talent Contest which we are all so looking forward to!


June 13, 2017

Everyone has returned from half term rested but in shock with the realisation that this is the final term of the 2016/17 academic year.  Everyone is saying “where has the year gone”, “hasn’t it flown by” and we are starting to think about the next academic year.  However, before we get ahead of ourselves too much, there is so much to look forward to this term – sports mornings, end of year reports, Year Six production, party and leavers assembly, the School Council Talent Contest and the PTA Summer Fayre to name just a few!  Term 6 is always a busy fun time but it is also a time of reflection as we start to think about transition and change (which seem to be a key theme across our country at the moment following the recent General Election).  At Corsham Primary plans are already underway to ensure that key year groups are suitably prepared for the next stage in their education. It is hard to believe that our Foundation Stage children will be moving into Year One soon it seems five minutes since their first day at school in September. Year Two pupils move into Key Stage Two and of course our lovely Year Six pupils make the huge transition into secondary schools. Change brings with it mixed blessings for children; on the one hand it is so exciting meeting new people and teachers but on the other hand it brings with it worries and insecurities that are unique to each individual. The staff will do their best to prepare the children for all these new adventures.


On the last day before half term the Key Stage 2 children held their annual Indhu Rani day and raised a massive £981 for the Goodwill Village in India.  I thought you would like to see a few photos of this special occasion, I know many of you attended and enjoyed the afternoon.  Thank you for supporting such a wonderful event.




May 01, 2017

Mrs Cooke's May Blog

It was lovely to see everyone return from their Easter break relaxed, all rested and ready for the summer term. On the last day of the holiday the annual Corsham 10k and 2k runs took place. Lots of parents, carers and children took part, even some staff, with the aim of raising money for the school. The PTA organised a cake and refreshment stall as well which sold out very quickly! All money raised will go towards the school council playground equipment fund.


The term has started off well with lots of parents and carers visiting school during the Open Day to meet teachers and look at their children's work. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers in school with their children celebrating their achievements.


Year 6 are currently getting ready for their annual SAT tests and Year 4 cannot wait for their residential trip to New Barn in Dorset. KS2 children are also starting to think about their stalls for Indhu Rani day which is on the last day of term. This is always a fantastic afternoon where our pupils work together to raise money to help sponsor the education of Chandra, who lives a very long way away from his school and has to pay for his education in India.


All in all May is going to be a busy month!

April 07, 2017

It is the last day of the Spring term, the sun is shining and everyone is getting ready to go home for the Easter holidays.  We have just had two days of Easter fun at Corsham Primary School.  Yesterday we held our annual Easter bonnet/hat parade where children came to school with a decorated hat.  Every year I am amazed at the creativity and original ideas the children (and parents/carers!) come up with along with the designing and making skills needed to create these Easter masterpieces.  The judging panel always find it very hard to pick a winning bonnet/hat and this year was no different.


Today we have held our Easter egg rolling and egg-vention competitions.  These events always bring with them lots of excitement and anticipation as the prizes are chocolate Easter eggs which everyone wants to win!  The egg-vention competition is for budding inventors to create contraptions that will transport a hard-boiled egg from one end of the playground to the other with the least amount of damage occurring to the egg.  Once again this year we saw lots of amazing inventions and were very impressed with the children’s creativity and ideas.


Egg rolling is always great fun and the children love to cheer and watch whose hard-boiled egg rolls the furthest and whose ‘splats’ everywhere – I wonder why!   We have strict rules to ensure that the event is fair; eggs cannot be reinforced and they have to be rolled, not thrown!


The finale is the adult egg rolling competition which always brings out the competitive side in all our staff as everyone wants to win!  This year Mrs Hunt and Mr Elliott won the Pound Pill competitions and Mrs Haynes won the Broadwood roll.  Congratulations to all our winners over the past two days and well done to everyone for taking part, competing fairly and for being such good sports. 


I will end my blog by wishing you all a very happy, restful and peaceful Easter.



I wonder if you can recognise who has dressed up in these Easter costumes.

March 07, 2017

February has passed and March is well and truly underway.  We survived Hurricane Doris with only the Tepee being blown down at Pound Pill - luckily there was no other damage done to our buildings and sites.

We have had a busy few weeks at Corsham Primary School with the children running the school for the day and World Book Day.  It is always great fun when the children run the school, our Prime Minister, Lucy did a fantastic job of organising her team and keeping us all in order.  They planned the curriculum for the day, led assemblies, organised the admin team, managed the children and ran the weekly staff meeting.  By the end of the day Lucy and her team were exhausted but said they had had an amazing experience.

World Book Day was also another fun day.  This year we had the official opening of our two libraries that have recently undergone a refurbishment and we also had visits from two authors, Sarah Hill and Lel Bevan.  As usual we all dressed up in our favourite book characters and the children enjoyed taking part in a range of ‘book’ activities throughout the day.





February 06, 2017

Mrs Cooke's February Blog

On 24 January we welcomed four senior leaders from other local schools to spend the day with us carrying out a teaching and learning review.  The focus of the review was to look at provision for our high attaining pupils.  The review team visited nearly all the classrooms observing maths teaching in KS2 and the teaching of writing in KS1 and the Foundation Stage.  They also spent time looking in pupils books and met with some staff and pupils.  As a school it is always good to put yourself under scrutiny and be open to views from other school leaders.  The day went really well and we received some lovely feedback from our reviewers which included:

  • Consistency across both sites, all classrooms and all adults and children interviewed

  • Consistency with assessment systems in the classrooms

  • Exceptional teaching is a real strength of the school

  • Both adults and children displayed a real passion and pride in the school

  • The children’s behaviour was exemplary

  • Adults modelled excellent use of speech with pupils – this encouraged high levels of oracy

  • Adults displayed high expectations of themselves and their pupils

  • The children are clear they have responsibility for developing their own learning

  • The principle of equality underpins everything you are doing

The reviewers admitted they had to think hard for some ‘even better if’s’ and made some suggestions that would enhance what we are already doing:

  • Some KS1 pupils said they wanted more time to do their writing

  • Some KS2 pupils felt they would like more autonomy over their choice of subject to write about

  • The children spoke highly of the ICT Incredibles initiative and it was suggested that similar schemes could be developed to promote maths and writing across the school

  • Consider providing opportunities for older children to teach younger children and for classes to learn together

  • High attaining maths pupils may benefit from opportunities to work at greater depth overtime

We are now looking into these suggestions to see if they are viable and possible to make happen.  Everyone agreed they found the day really productive and we are looking forward to further improving provision for our high attaining pupils.


January 03, 2017

Mrs Cooke's January Blog

Welcome back to Corsham Primary, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have enjoyed the cold and frosty beginning of term.

The January Newsletter is currently being produced and the termly Spring Curriculum Newsletter will follow shortly. Keep your eye on the website for school news and events.

Christmas and New Year celebrations have come and gone, everyone has returned to school and 2017 is well on its way!  We hope your children enjoyed the very special Winter Wonderland that the Christmas Pixies had planned and prepared at the end of term.  Not only was it wonderful to see the children’s faces when they met the reindeer, husky dogs, penguins and owls the staff were also spell bound and for once speechless!

On behalf of all the staff may I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2017.


December 05, 2016

Mrs Cooke's December Blog

Corsham Primary is currently a buzz of Christmas activity.  The school has been decorated and everyone is bustling around ensuring that our favourite traditions at Corsham Primary continue.  The PTA Christmas Fayre has already happened and was a huge success along with our annual visit from the Panto crew and our more traditional Advent Spiral celebrations.  The children are getting ready for their nativities and concerts and all over the school there are Christmas songs being sung.  There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the shepherds, donkeys, camels, stars, kings and angels, all on the school stage, looking and sounding magnificent.  Mary always produces her baby in a flash, with Joseph looking on, seemingly slightly bemused by it all!  Staff are running around with staplers and sellotape, making final adjustments to costumes. The administrative team could organise the London Palladium booking office, their skills know no bounds when it comes to ticket allocation!  Teachers are fraught when technology doesn’t work on the day and the poor old school caretaker is seen putting the stage up and down like a yoyo.  But, this is what we all love and every year things always turn out just fine.


When we get to the end of the concerts we sit and have a cup of tea together and relish all the special memories which we take away and remember with joy.  While life is always changing, the delight of this time of year doesn’t and, for that, we are always grateful.

November 01, 2016

Mrs Cooke's November Blog

Everyone has returned safe and sound from the half term holiday and looking forward to Term Two and the lead up to Christmas.  I cannot quite believe that Christmas is quite so close; time seems to be flying by these days.  It is also definitely getting colder and I had to defrost my car for the first time because of the frosty mornings that are now with us.  The clocks going back are also a sure sign that winter is coming.


Soon it will be Remembrance Day and it is always a time to reflect and remember the people who lost their lives and the impact war had on so many of our families and the country as a whole.  Some of our pupils from Service families will be attending memorial services at Lydiard Park in Swindon and also in Corsham.  They will be going with Mrs Smalley who is always so impressed with how the children conduct themselves and represent the school so well.  One of the jobs they do is plant remembrance crosses which show special thanks to our service members past and present. 

October 07, 2016

Changing seasons - and a busy school ...

Autumn seems to have crept up on us very quickly; the leaves are starting to change colour and fall, the nights are drawing in and suddenly jumpers and coats are starting to appear and it won’t be long before hats and scarves are being worn too!

September has been a busy month, our new Foundation Stage children are now attending school full time and have settled really well into school life and are enjoying life in Apples, Pears and Strawberries.  They have just had their ‘first school photo’ taken by the press so look out for these in the local newspapers.


We have had a Basic Skills assessor visit the school to carry out an interim assessment which went extremely well.  The Basic Skills is an award that the school has been involved in for many years.  Applying for the award makes us really focus on our teaching and learning of English and Maths.  We successfully achieved the award for the fifth time last year and have regular interim visits to ensure we maintain high standards in these subjects.  We have also welcomed lots of teachers from other schools on visits to Corsham Primary.  We had a group of 10 teachers from a local alliance of schools spend the day with us recently.  They were observing our practise and taking lots of ideas away to consider using back in their own schools.  We welcomed to the school teachers who are attending the ‘outstanding teaching’ course that we run and facilitate through the Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance.


We have started to run parent tours for children who will be starting school in September 2017.  Parents are busy visiting local schools making the tough decision about which school they would like their child to attend.  Some of our Year 1 pupils have been speaking to our parent visitors about life in the Foundation Stage.  I have felt very proud listening to them talking about Corsham Primary, in fact they know the school so well I think they could do the tours themselves!

September 12, 2016

New Beginnings

Gosh what an amazing few weeks we have had at Corsham Primary, time has just whizzed by and our summer holidays seem a long time ago!


We have welcomed all our Foundation Stage children into Mrs Kendall’s, Miss Haines’, Mrs Jones’ and Mrs Wade’s classes. They all seem so settled and have soon made new friends and are enjoying their learning. In other year groups some new children have also joined the school. We welcome them and their families to Corsham Primary School as well.  The rest of the children all look smart in their new uniforms and are enjoying getting to know their new teachers


Everyone is busy getting into the swing of things. The children are electing their School and Corsham Youth Councillors; we know they will do an excellent job for the school and local community. Other pupils are applying to become Playground and Eco Buddies while our Year Six Peer Mediators are busy training before taking up their invaluable positions on the playground.


Year Six have returned from their residential trip to Liddington and had an amazing time, they cannot stop sharing their stories of all the fun and excitement they had.  They are currently planning their assembly to share with parents which is when we will find out what really happened at Liddington!


It always takes a couple of weeks at the beginning of a new academic year to get everything organised but this year seems to have gone incredibly well. We are all looking forward to working with the children and watching them grow into their many new and varied roles.