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June 10, 2019

Mrs Fry's June Blog

Where has this year gone?! Here we are, already happy to be starting the summer term which is full of outdoor activities and more learning outside in the sunshine (hopefully!).


Our wonderful Year 6 children are happily “post SATs” now and we are really proud of how well they managed themselves in the run up to and during the actual tests.  Celebrations were enjoyed at the traditional barbeque afterwards and much relief felt all round!


Simultaneously, our intrepid Year 4 adventurers all went off on a residential break to New Barn and had a wonderful two days of team building, activities, problem solving and socialising together.  The weather was marvellous and again, our children behaved in an exemplary manner, giving rise to praise from the instructors at New Barn and making the teaching staff very proud of them all.


During our recent Citizenship Week, many parents and carers came in to talk to us about their professions, how they worked and why they chose their particular career paths. This gave a fascinating insight into future employment for our Year 6 pupils who are shortly going to be leaving us for various secondary schools, where they will get ever nearer to making their own choices and forging on to begin new challenges and occupations.  Our grateful thanks go to parents and carers who gave up their valuable time to come along and talk about what they do.


Indhu Rani was another amazing success – money making ideas and stalls set up by the children during a Friday afternoon, full of fun and madness!  As in previous years, our children raised a lot of money for Chandra (who lives in the Goodwill Children’s Home in India) – exact amount to be confirmed.  This is an event which is entirely organised by the children and we are always very proud of them.


Whilst on the subject of money-raising, our £1 challenge was set last month to all of Year 6.  Each child was given £1 and asked by Lady Fry Sugar to employ all their entrepreneurial skills and use it to ultimately make more £1’s.  The overall amount made, will be announced later in June and we are looking forward to hearing about some of the ideas that were concocted in order to maximise profit!  All the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF in due course.


We are in the midst of a series of Sports Mornings where parents, carers, relatives and friends can come along and watch the children participate in races and activities.  As always, we brace ourselves in the inclement June weather to be kind to us and so far so good …