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Welcome to Corsham Primary School. My name is Fiona Allen and I am the CEO of this outstanding school, one of the country’s first Academies. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about our school and the children and staff within it. We are particularly proud of the fact that high quality teaching leads to outstanding progress; so many of our children learn faster than their peers nationally.  You can also view our Virtual Tour.

Corsham Primary is in the wonderful and unique position of being one school, but on two sites at either end of Corsham town. Corsham Primary Pound Pill is a two-form entry school with a total of fourteen classes, and Corsham Primary Broadwood is a single-form entry school with a total of seven classes. This means any parent can feel reassured that their children will be taught in single aged classes. The sites are just 2 miles apart, and managed as one school with staff working across both. You have the choice to join either site depending on its location to your home and the needs of your family and child. We have worked hard to create a supportive, family-oriented community school; if you walk into either site you will see the same high quality teaching and learning environments for the children. In fact, even the carpets and curtains are the same colour! Our size brings with it a large budget and our Board of Trustees ensure it is spent wisely, consistently providing the children with fantastic resources and attracting a large, outstanding team of teaching and administrative staff.

Because I’ve always believed that in order for a school to be successful, it must be happy, we have nurtured a strong sense of partnership between the school and the family, and this lies at the heart of the children’s happiness and success. Corsham Primary is a fun place to be, and there is always something happening to enhance an already exciting curriculum. It is not unusual to see the staff and children dressed up as Romans, or perhaps World War 2 refugees. These events bring the curriculum to life and make learning fun for everyone.

Success is something we readily celebrate, both academic and personal. We know this helps the children develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn encourages them to continue to do their very best. We hold a wide range of events throughout the year where we invite parents into the school to help us celebrate the achievements of all the children.

We are very proud that our Curriculum received an ‘Outstanding’ judgement during our Ofsted inspection in June 2013 – in fact, we received ‘Outstanding’ in all five categories: You can read the full report here or by clicking on the Ofsted icon at the top of this page.

My personal view is that schools are about change, growth, and inspiration. I take great pride in our teachers' ability to inspire exploration and we all delight in the successful discoveries of our children. The mutual efforts of teachers and families required to support young people today demand everyone’s fullest attention at Corsham Primary School.

We are extremely excited about being the lead school in the Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance (PLTSA) - www.pltsa.co.uk.   We are looking forward to supporting more future teachers through running Schools Direct for schools across Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.  If you would like to apply to become a teacher, please visit our School Direct link or search for Corsham Primary on the UCAS website.

We hope this website is a useful introduction to the school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us or, better still, come and see us at work during a school day. The teachers, children and I will be very pleased to welcome you.