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School Council

The School Council was set up in September 1998. Since then they have worked hard at making the school a better place. They have a section in the School Development and Improvement Plan and set their own aims and objectives for each year.

The School Council is comprised of children from across the whole school. One boy and one girl from Year Two to Six are voted onto the School Council every year by their classmates. They attend fortnightly meetings and are responsible for representing and feeding back to their classmates.

School Council Song -  written by School Council and sung by Year 6


Aims and objectives 2016-2017

- To evaluate current provision and purchase new playground equipment for each site

- To support the school in achieving its aims and visions through organising and supporting school events

- To provide an opportunity for pupils to voice their ideas and opinions.


Success Criteria:

(Linked to Target and Measurable)

· Children’s views have been used to purchase new playground equipment on each site.

· The School website has a School Council VLE page which reflects current projects and will be accessed by children throughout the school.

· School Council will have supported school and PTA fundraising events.

· School Council will have promoted British Values in their classes and the whole school will be able to say how we support British Values at Corsham Primary School.

Welcome from the Chairs of School Council
Hello our names are Sasha and Gracie. Here at Corsham Primary School, we are the Chairs of School Council.

School Council is an elected group of children (1 boy and 1 girl from each class) who get together and discuss things about our school. We think all the children at Corsham Primary work hard towards their learning goals and are very positive, as well as being lovely. Every single member of staff is kind, helpful and fair but firm.

We have many celebrations which we all enjoy, for example commendations are given out every fortnight to a pupil who their teacher thinks have done really well with their learning. We also have merits which are put on a special card; we win awards if we have completed our 3, 6, 9 etc Merit Cards which is great fun. We have Learning Oscars - each class is awarded for a topic that they have worked well in.

School Council organises a Talent Show at the end of each and every academic year. Ten acts can show off their talents to the whole school and it is School Council members who vote for the overall winner.

Our school organises lots of adventurous school trips for each class and we know your children will have a lot of fun. Not only does School Council help with fun activities but we help Mrs Allen with decisions about the school. We really enjoy interviewing teachers and showing round important guests. Most recently we worked hard to achieve The Rights Respecting School Award from UNICEF, we are very proud of our achievement.

Our school has a unique and funny mascot named Ivern the Wyvern, he represents our school and is seen all around our classrooms. Corsham Primary is voted "Outstanding" by Ofsted. We have a school motto which describes and sums up the entire school in just 3 words which is Caring, Positive, Stimulating.


If you have any ideas about things you would like to do then please see a school councillor. You can also contact us on the VLE.

We hope you like our school.


School Council Meeting Minutes

21st September

5th October

2nd November

9th November

23rd November

4th January

18th January

1st February

1st March

8th March

22nd March

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